Regional Studies

Come Study in Regional Australia! Here’s Why.

Planning on studying in Australia? Travelling out of the major capitals and into some of the remote and rural areas of the country can offer an especially rewarding experience.

With more than 1,100 institutions and over 22,000 courses nation-wide, studying rurally affords you access to world-class educational institutions that aren’t necessarily located in the heart of the busy capitals.

Choose to study and live outside one of those capitals, and you’re likely to enjoy many benefits you wouldn’t otherwise have access to in more metropolitan areas. Read on to find out more!

Direct benefits of studying regionally

If you’re thinking about living and studying in a rural, regional or remote area in Australia, the Australian government currently offers added incentives to assist you.

Right now, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship awards applicants a further five points when it comes to applying for your skilled migration visa, should you elect to move to select areas outside the big cities.

This is an excellent opportunity, as it tangibly improves your application prospects and helps you to secure a place in your chosen school and town or city.

We welcome you to speak to us about how we can help ensure your application has the very best chance of being approved, helping you to begin studying in Australia as soon as possible.

Lifestyle culture

The best places to really explore Australia’s natural environment outside of the city are rural and regional campuses. You’ll get the chance to know the country more intimately and personally, and even avoid much of the congestion and busyness of the larger cities.

Famous for its natural environments, the bush and its iconic outback, studying regionally provides a more authentic Australian university experience.

Regional campuses and the surrounding areas provide a more relaxing lifestyle, away from the hustle and bustle of the larger cities.

Variety of employment opportunities

Regional areas provide the same opportunities for secondary school, university, TAFE and English language study that you would have access to in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and elsewhere.

But what you may not have considered is the improved work prospects afforded to you when studying in one of these areas.

Because many students will typically flock to the larger cities, with the belief that this will lead to more opportunities, living and studying regionally actually often provides better prospects in this regard.

With less competition, you’ll generally have less difficulty find both a casual or part-time job during your studies, and a potential post-graduate position, should that be something you’re considering.

So enjoy a more unique, authentic experience in Australia, and choose to live and study remotely! You’ll come to better enjoy Australia’s unique culture, lifestyle and way of life.

Cheaper accommodation

The more you begin to move outside the large capitals, the cheaper rent will tend to be. In rural and regional areas of Australia, you’ll be able to secure surprisingly cheap rental accommodation if you know where to look.

Along with this, general cost of living and eating out can also tend to be cheaper, along with the cost of many recreational, sporting and outdoor activities.

You’ll have the same access to gyms and fitness centres, health facilities, bars, clubs and restaurants, but you may just find you’ll be spending a little less than your friends who chose to study in the big cities!

A unique university life

Universities and other higher education institutions located in rural areas generally offer a more relaxing, slower-paced lifestyle.

Your classes will typically be smaller, allowing for a more personalised university experience and helping to facilitate a more community-orientated feel, where it’s easier to get to know your fellow students better, as well as branching out and meeting people outside the classroom.

Campuses in regional cities even offer a wider range of disciplines, many of which are tailored to the unique characteristics of the surrounding area.

In Canberra, for example, you may find Nursing course that is quite popular, or in coastal NSW, you may happen across a marine biology course.

You’ll also find a number of medical and dental schools in rural and regional areas. If you’re looking to study in this area, you’ll be well-placed to find work in these fields post-graduation.

In addition to the beautiful natural scenery, these areas also provide additional opportunities for migration. If you’re considering applying for permanent residency during your stay in Australia, you’ll actually enjoy an advantage over those applying to live in metropolitan areas.

Starting out in your search for study options in Australia, or just looking for some advice?

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  • decide on what university in which particular location will suit you best
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  • guarantee your eligibility for the added points offered by the Immigration department

With personalised guidance and advice at every step, our team will help you by creating a custom study roadmap, plotting out your entire time in Australia, from your first year of study, right up to Masters study and beyond, so you know exactly how long until your studies are complete, and how far you’ve come.

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