Privacy Policy


We at Skilled Studies recognize that your privacy is important to you and we are committed with the compliance of all personal information and confidential information that we receive from you in accordance with the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles. This policy outlines our policies for managing privacy and information.

Following points are covered as part of the policy:

The types of personal data that we gathered and retained by us.

How we collect Personal Information.

The reasons for which we collect the details.

The way in which we use your personal information and reveal it.

The steps we take to protect the personal information and how we keep and safeguard it.

How people can access their personal information that is retained by us and correct it.

The type of personal information gathered and retained by us

We may collect personal information from you in the usual course of business operations, and this may require the collection of some confidential information.

The types of your Personal Information and Sensitive Information that we can gather and retain are the following:

In dealing with Skilled Studies, we collect personal information that may include, but is not limited to, name, email id, contact details, address, date of birth, college qualifications, work history, tax file numbers, passport details, residence and its status, visa application and accommodation information required (including financial and medical information), occupation and professional membership and emergency contact name and its contact details, for those who are:

  • Inquiring about study opportunities or applying for a course of study at an Australian Educational Institution or an Institution of Overseas Education directly via Skilled Studies or its associated partners
  • Inquiring for our visa application services to apply for all types of Australian visa.
  • Showing their interest in being engaged as consultants or individual or partner entity who have been or are currently engaged as individualor partner consultants managed by Skilled Studies
  • Registering to participate in an event organised, managed or presented by Skilled Studies, whether on its own initiative or under a contract with another organisation.

This could include copies of documents, such as passport copies, academics records andtranscripts proof of citizenship or photos, given to us as proof of identification.

How we collect Personal Information

We will gather your personal information only by lawful and equitable means. Personal information may be collected directly from you or person or entity authorised by you, or may be collected by a third party, such as a licensee or agent authorized by us to provide you with services. We may also gather your personal information when interacting with us via social networks and other online platforms.

Unless information is fairly essential for our business operations or events, we do not collect personal and confidential information. We will seek your permission before any personal information is obtained.

You would need to identify yourself if you are communicating with us in order for us to provide you with our services.

The reasons for which we collect the details

We collect, preserve and use your personal information in order to provide you with our services.

Student Recruitment

Services includes student recruitment, admissions, counselling, visa services and training the students for the interview.

We collect your information so that we can:

Help you find the opportunity to study at an educational institution within or outside Australia

Support you with your student visa application in Australia, including contacting the Department of Home Affairs and other organisations on your behalf to discuss your application.

Help you pursue your career after completing your studies at an Australian University or Colleges or at an Overseas Universities or Colleges.

Engage as consultants in throughout the services

Inform and offer students, organizations and other customers about changes in the services we provide.

Manage our internal business operations and respond to your questions.

Visa services for Australian visas

We provide Australian visa application services, including advising you through the application process and assisting you in preparing the necessary documentation for your visa application. Visa services include student visa, post study work visa, and applications for skilled migration visas.

Your Personal Information and Sensitive Information (such as information from your medical examination) allows us toprovide the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) with all required information required for your visa application. It also permits us to contact the DHA or other organisations on your behalf to discuss or ask questions about your visa application andkeep you updated with the progress of your visa application and advise you of the outcome of your application.

The way in which we use your personal information and reveal it.

Your personal details will be used or disclosed only for the purposes and provide services that it iscollected for.
For a secondary purpose, we will use or reveal your details only if you have agreed or if you would reasonably expect us to do so or as allowed by law.

For targeted marketing purposes, we might use your personal details, however we ensure that you have the option to opt out by informing us.

Disclosure outside Australia

While seeking our services, we may disclose your Personal Information to education institutions located outside Australia, overseas visa agencies, professional bodies, our partners and commercial organisations, or regulatory authorities for processing and verification purpose.

The steps we take to protect the personal information and how we keep and safeguard it.

Measure are taken to protect your Personal & Confidential Information against unauthorized access and disclosure for misuse. The information is restricted to trusted bodies for processing your application only.

How people can access their personal information that is retained by us and correct it.

You have the right to seek access to any of your Personal Information that is held by us unless there is a lawful reason under the Privacy Act for us to withhold the information. If –

  • We have reason to suspect that criminal activity or fraud of a serious nature has taken place and that providing access is likely to prejudice the taking of reasonable action in relation to the matter or the provision of access.
  • Providing access would reveal the evaluative information generated within us in connection with a commercially sensitive process.

Information collected on the website and social media (facebook, Instagram, google)

By submitting your information on the website, facebook or google, the information collected by Skilled Studies Pty Ltd on its website or the website owned by Skilled Studies Pty Ltd, you by default agree to the privacy policy of Skilled Studies Pty Ltd and permit us to assess your details for processing and contacting you.

We do not disclose your Personal Information without your consent and by seeking our services, you as default permit us to share your personal information to our providers and associates to process your application in Australia and overseas where ever applicable.

In case you do not wish to assess your application or share your information with our providers and associates to process your application, kindly write us at